Export Bitumen Gilsonite – Natural Asphalt

Gilsonite, also known as natural asphalt, is a valuable hydrocarbon extracted from crude oil. It is extensively utilized in asphalt production and waterproofing to enhance bitumen properties. Despite its global recognition as bitumen, it is referred to as natural asphalt.

MASCO Gilsonite, a leading supplier of natural asphalt, is prepared to export this valuable resource and procure Gilsonite. With over TWENTY years of experience, we have been exporting asphalt, particularly to India. Operating a Gilsonite mine and an asphalt factory in Iran, we welcome any inquiries regarding mining, export, or factory operations. Please feel free to contact us.

In addition to its use in asphalt production and waterproofing, Gilsonite finds applications in various industries such as construction, adhesives, foundry, ink, and paint manufacturing. Its unique properties, including high melting point, low moisture absorption, and chemical inertness, make it an ideal additive in these sectors.With our state-of-the-art mining facilities and advanced processing techniques, MASCO Gilsonite ensures the highest quality Gilsonite products. Our commitment to quality control and adherence to international standards guarantee customer satisfaction and trust in our products.

Furthermore, MASCO Gilsonite is dedicated to sustainable and responsible mining practices. We prioritize environmental protection and community welfare in all our operations. By choosing us, you not only gain access to premium Gilsonite products but also contribute to ethical and environmentally conscious business practices. We understand the importance of timely delivery and efficient logistics in international trade. our holding collaborates with reputable shipping partners to ensure prompt and secure delivery of our products to customers worldwide. Our streamlined export process and dedicated logistics team guarantee hassle-free transactions and on-time deliveries.

For any inquiries, custom orders, or partnership opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. MASCO Gilsonite is committed to meeting your Gilsonite needs with excellence and reliability.