Export Kiwi

Export Kiwi From Iran: Unleashing Nature’s Bounty

Embark on a journey with us as we introduce you to the world of export kiwi from Iran, a journey filled with the richness of vitamin C and the distinct, delightful taste of this exceptional fruit. At our hub, Masco Company, we take pride in the role we play in the global trade of kiwi, having witnessed a significant surge in Iran’s kiwi exports due to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Packaging Excellence:

Our dedication to excellence is evident in the meticulous packaging of export kiwi. Whether you prefer our standard packaging or desire a customized solution, we ensure that every package reflects the premium quality of our kiwis. Understanding the pivotal role packaging plays in buyer decisions, we handle this aspect with precision and care, employing a specialized kiwi sorting system.

Efficient Shipment Services:

Masco Company boasts a wealth of experience in exporting kiwi, positioning us as a leading player among Iranian suppliers. Our services, from port to port, guarantee the utmost security and reliability in ocean freight shipments. With established contracts with renowned shipping lines, we assure you of a seamless export experience.

Quality Beyond Measure:

In our pursuit of excellence, Masco Company offers unparalleled quality coupled with competitive pricing in the realm of kiwi export. We understand the importance of maintaining optimal storage conditions, ensuring our kiwis are stored at a temperature of 0 degrees. Our state-of-the-art gardens and cold rooms house kiwis of all calibers, ready to meet your diverse needs.

For those seeking the best in export kiwi, Masco Company stands as your reliable partner. Contact us for price inquiries, customized packaging, or any other information you may require. Let’s elevate the global presence of Iranian kiwi together.

Email: export@mascoh.com